Promoting Civic Participation of Third Country Nationals through Local Authority Platforms

leaflet_coverDublin has become increasingly diverse and multicultural as new immigrants are arriving and contributing to its growth in variety of ways. As key actors in supporting immigrants to integrate into new societies, the four Dublin local authorities have come together through shared learning and innovative approaches to facilitate the local integration of new communities.

Led by Dublin Employment Pact and the New Communities Partnership, the Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Fingal County Council and South Dublin County Council would deliver series of project actions and activities in the next three years aimed at supporting Third Country Nationals to establish a foothold and become fully productive citizens of the society in which they live while charting the pathway towards upward progression for their families and future generations. The project is primarily aimed at developing capacity among new communities - and especially among women and youth in new communities - to actively engage to the fullest possible extent in opportunities for economic, social, civic and political participation.

Specifically, the project will achieve the following elements

  • Support Local Authorities in connecting, dialoguing and engaging with new communities in consultation, planning, design and implementation of their integration, anti-racism, diversity, equality and social cohesion strategies
  • Promote greater understanding among new communities of the history, norms and values of the Irish society which in turn fosters a sense of belonging and shared citizenship
  • Promote active engagement of new communities with all aspects of Irish social, political and cultural life thereby reducing the social exclusion experienced among new communities
  • Develop mechanisms for TCN's representation and participation in local authority policy and planning structures to enhance the understanding among TCN leaders of the policy making process, how to convert issues of concern into policy position and how to communicate and lobby for their policy message
  • Develop models of mediation through the training of Intercultural Mediators to address minor conflicts and disagreements among local communities
  • Deliver workplace opportunities through internship programmes to ensure increased productivity and a robust economy through an expanded base of workers, consumers, taxpayers and entrepreneurs.

The project will also facilitate inter-agency learning by allowing staff members of the four Dublin local authorities to exchange their knowledge and experiences in a structured and focused manner. The four Dublin local authorities are committed to building stronger communities with the ability to meet wide- ranging needs such as addressing issues regarding racial, ethnic and economic diversity which will enrich the social and cultural fabric of our society. The project partners strongly believe that this collaborative way of working constitute an important foundation for building a vibrant, cohesive society shared and valued by established and newcomer resident of different experience, histories, ethnicities, and background.