Fingal Ethnic Network


Is to influence all organisations that operate within Fingal County, to ensure they develop coherent plans and policies that reflect the social, cultural and economic needs of Ethnic minority groups in the Fingal area. To promote the work of the Network, to improve the flow of information about events, projects, resources; to influence and inform policy and planning and to encourage participation from Network members to allow them to learn from each other’s experience. Build a unity among Network members and groups to ensure a strong ownership of the Network

Represent the collective views of the ethnic community and International Diasporas so as to influence and inform policy and planning countywide.

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In furtherance exclusively of the foregoing main object, the body shall have the following subsidiary objectives:

  1. Act as a voice for Ethnic community so as to enable them to highlight both to County Development Board and to other relevant agencies the issues affecting the delivery of services within the County for the ethnic community.

  2. Act as a support mechanism to strive to improve the conditions for the ethnic community within the county.

  3. To influence the policies, strategies and overall decision-making process of all relevant agencies operating in the county.

  4. Act as a conduit for information and feedback to and from the Network in relation to specific policies and initiatives, thereby ensuring that the concerns of ethnic community are heard at local and national level.

  5. Promote the pooling and dissemination of information relevant to ethnic communities within the county of Fingal.

  6. Ensure that all images and texts emanating from Fingal Co. Co. are culture proofed.

  7. Act as a lobby group for the ethnic communities in relation to issues that affect them.

  8. Seek a seat/position on the target organisations for at least one member of network. The role of elected network members will be to bring the developed views, policies and positions of the Network to those bodies and organisations on which they are nominated by the network (Not necessarily their own views). These elected members will report back to the Network on a monthly basis from each organisation’s monthly/quarterly meetings.

  9. Work in partnership with Fingal Arts Office in the development of a strategy on UNESCO's Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage Charters including festivals and cultural works to celebrate diversity in the County

  10. Work in partnership with Fingal Sports Partnership in developing a strategy in employing the medium of Sport for Cultural Integration and Social Inclusion  in line with the European Union White Paper on Sport

  11. Work towards the development of an Anti-Racism and Diversity Plan for Fingal

  12. Prepare Fingal Co. Co. for membership of the European Coalition of Cities against Racism

  13. Provide technical support for Fingal Co. Co. in their International City and County Twinning Processes

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