Dublin City Integration Forum- Overview

dcif_FINAL LOGO 2Objectives

  1. To create an effective Forum in which minority ethnic groups can network, influence policy and provide representation at local government level.
  2. To network and collaborate with minority ethnic groups and be a source of information and advocate on issues which affect them.
  3. To open a space for information exchange between local government and all minority ethnic groups in the DCC area.
  4. To collaborate with other migrant forums in the Dublin region



  1. Forum members make meetings effective by making every effort to attend each meeting and to attend on time.
  2. Social activities are organised by the members periodically to foster and strengthen relationships between the Forum members.
  3. Forum members organise training in solution creation, influencing skills and effective participation?


  1. The Forum formalises a two minute update from representative groups on relevant issues at each forum meeting.
  2. The Chairperson of the Forum ensures that each meeting has an informal coffee break where members are encouraged to network with each other.
  3. The Forum invite selected guests to one Forum meeting each quarter and engage constructively with other organisations and forums on topics of mutual interest.


  1. The Forum organise training for forum members in advocacy, representation and negotiation skills.
  2. The Forum works on building and maintaining good relationships with local government personal, statutory bodies and service providers.
  3. The Forum identifies key effective boards and forums for representation e.g. Local Development and Enterprise Boards, Community Forum, Dublin City Forum – DCC Integration Officer to explore possibilities with group.


  1. The Forum when fully operational will collaborate with the other migrant forums in the greater Dublin area.

Annual Business Plans

Each year the Forum will prepare and Implement an annual business plan. The business plan will outline the Forum work targets for the year and assign responsibility for the completion of initiatives/actions to specific Forum members.